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Te Tonic Salmon Guru Cocktail Infuser

  • $19.75

Drop one of these infusers into your spirit of choice to make an instant cocktail! Set of 6 cubes-- 2 of each flavor. Nanopack Salmon Guru has been developed by Te Tonic and Diego Cabrera, one of the most famous bartenders in the world. 

Unique and exclusive mixtures of flowers and exotic spices to prepare the most astonishing cocktails.

  • Spicy: an explosion of refreshing, exotic and slightly spiced flavor. Enjoy the wood and smoke nuances of this cocktail! Ingredients: ginger, cardamom, mallow flower and cayenne.
  • Sour: wild flowers and damp earth. Ingredients: jasmine flower, elderflower, orange blossom and lavender.
  • Cool:Smooth and light, very refreshing. Ingredients: hibiscus, cherry stalks, lemongrass and mint.