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  1. Gold & Silver Party Horn Bouquet
  2. Mini Silver Glitter Champagne Bubbles
  3. Smells Like Mini Candles
  4. Glossy Pops- Glitter Collection
  5. Wine Bottle Lip Gloss
  6. Magic Flying Butterfly
  7. Everything is Fine Shower Steamer
  8. Champagne Bottle Lip Gloss
  9. 50 Pack of Glow Sticks
  10. Matchbox - Small Fires
  11. Macaron Trinket Box
  12. Chill the F*** Out Shower Steamers
  13. Donut Sidewalk Chalk
  14. Giant Surprise Ball
  15. Welcome to the S*** Show Wine Glass
  16. Fucking Rockstar- Candle on the Rocks
  17. Don't Look Back Sticky Note
  18. Go the Fuck to Sleep Shower Steamers
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  19. Friendship Acrylic Cup Set
  20. Deluxe Surprise Ball Happy Birthday Cake
  21. Macaron Sidewalk Chalk Set
  22. Bosom Buddies
  23. Deluxe Surprize Ball Orange
  24. Dog Perignonn Champagne Toy