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  1. Confetti Pouches
  2. Confetti POP! Bag
  3. Gold Chrome Confetti
    Sold Out
  4. Silver Chrome Confetti
  5. Mini Champagne Bottle Confetti Poppers
  6. Diamond Ring Confetti
  7. Golden Confetti Tube
  8. Bubblegum Confetti Tube
  9. Rose Gold Confetti
  10. Oasis Confetti
  11. Green Table Confetti
  12. Rainbow Confetti Tube
  13. Black Graduation Hat Confetti
  14. Magenta Metallic Confetti
  15. White Paper Confetti
  16. Rose Gold Metallic Confetti
  17. "Happy F*cking Birthday" Confetti
  18. Rainbow Artisan Confetti Mini Pack
  19. Graduation Cap Confetti
  20. Peace & Love Confetti Mini Pack
  21. Sweet Tooth Confetti
  22. Blushing Flower Confetti Tube
  23. Key Lime Pie Confetti Tube
  24. Confetti Time Jumbo Confetti Pack