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Boas, Beads & Sashes

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  1. 6.5 foot Iridescent Tinsel Light Up Boa
  2. Light Up Halloween Necklace
  3. Bride To Be White Sash
    Sold Out
  4. Purple, Green, and Gold Mardi Gras Boa with Gold Tinsel
  5. Light Up Bead
  6. Older, Wiser, Hotter Black Birthday Sash
  7. Multicolor Light Beads Party Necklace
  8. Hey Mama Baby Shower Sash
  9. Light Up Disco Necklace
  10. Rose Gold 21st Birthday Sash
  11. Purple Boa with Gold Tinsel
  12. Jumbo Engagement Ring Mardi Gras Bead
  13. Feelin' Sashy Bridal Set
  14. Rose Gold Milestone Birthday Badge Personalized with 1 Sticker Sheet
  15. 6' White Marabou Boa
  16. White Flower Light Up Lei
  17. Black Birthday Girl Sash
  18. Clear Fleur De Lis Bead
  19. Lime Green Boa
  20. Chain Beads
  21. "30" Charm Beads
  22. Marabou Boa White