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  1. Light Up Ring
  2. Gold Chrome Confetti
    Sold Out
  3. Gold & Silver Party Horn Bouquet
  4. Light Up Disco Ball Earring
  5. Mini Silver Glitter Champagne Bubbles
  6. Gold & Silver Surprize Ball
  7. Disco Swirly Straws
    Sold Out
  8. Bubblegum Confetti Tube
  9. Light Up Disco Tumbler Cups
  10. Glossy Pops- Glitter Collection
  11. Hot Pink Disco Ball Drink Tumbler
  12. Electric Neon
  13. Gold Tinsel Fringe Garland
  14. 15" Disco Ball Orb Mylar Balloon
  15. Lip Stuck on You Cocktail Napkins
  16. Hooray Rose! Champagne Bottle Lip Gloss
  17. White LED Faux Diamond Pierced Earrings
  18. Metallic Silver Disco Ball Sunglasses
  19. Still-Light Sparkle Iridescent Pom Ears
  20. Disco Ball Ice Bucket
  21. Mini Disco Ball Earring
  22. Disco Paper Plates
  23. 2.5" Disco Ball
  24. Disco Cocktail Shaker