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  1. Light Up Ring
  2. Gold Chrome Confetti
    Sold Out
  3. Gold & Silver Party Horn Bouquet
  4. Light Up Disco Ball Earring
  5. Golden Confetti Tube
  6. Champagne Guest Napkin
  7. Electric Neon
  8. Gold Tinsel Fringe Garland
  9. Champagne Coupe Place Card
  10. I Like It Dirty Cup Sleeve
  11. Champagne Coup Cocktail Napkins
  12. Laissez Les Bon Temps Charcoal Moire Cocktail Napkins
  13. Red Stripe Table Runner
  14. Gold Side Plate
  15. Gold & Silver Mylar Tissue Paper
  16. Multicolor Light Beads Party Necklace
  17. Licorice Artisan Confetti Mini Pack
  18. Handpainted Yellow Filigree Table Runner
  19. Candy Cane Confetti Mini Pack
  20. La Boheme Dinner Plates
  21. Red Dinner Plates
  22. Chalkboard Silver Classic Stripe Runner
  23. Gold Foil Paper Straw
  24. Letterboard Cake Toppers