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  1. Holographic Tassels
  2. Drink Shimmer
  3. Electric Neon
  4. Yay It's Your Day Mini Crackers
  5. Dusty Pink Small Napkins
  6. Peace & Love Confetti Mini Pack
  7. Sweet Tooth Confetti
  8. Light Blue Metallic Confetti
  9. Inflatable Beach Ball-  Glitter
  10. Purple Chrome Confetti
  11. Deep Purple Face & Body Glitter
  12. Grape Soda Artisan Confetti Tube
  13. Butterfly Confetti Tube
  14. Iridescent Party Cup Sleeve
  15. Teal Chrome Confetti
  16. Peacock
  17. Dusty Pink Small Octagonal Plate
  18. Ecofriendly Purple Disposable Tablecloth
  19. Iridescent Polka Dot Confetti
  20. Hoppy Easter Guest Towel
  21. Blue Tinsel Fringe Garland
  22. Silver Iridescent Tinsel Fringe Garland
  23. Mermaid Confetti Tube
  24. Die-cut Goddess Of The Sea Placemat