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  1. Holographic Tassels
  2. Silver Sparkle Side Plates
  3. Silver Long Candles
  4. Light Blue Metallic Confetti
  5. Silver Sparkle Stripe Small Napkins
  6. "They See Me Rollin'" Cocktail Napkins
  7. Peacock
  8. Plain White Dinner Plate
  9. Silver Classic Stripe Runner
  10. Ecofriendly White Disposable Tablecloth
  11. Iridescent Polka Dot Confetti
  12. Blue Key Pattern Table Runner
  13. Christmahanakwanzika Holiday Napkin
  14. Menorah Guest Napkins
  15. Silver Sparkle Dinner Plates
  16. Grande Cornucopia
  17. Posh Gold To Go Dessert Plates
  18. Sky Blue Cocktail Napkins
  19. Sky Blue Wavy Appetizer Plates
  20. Iridescent Confetti
  21. Silver French Frame Placemat
  22. Navy Classic Stripe Table Runner
  23. Navy 'Mazel' Cocktail Napkin
  24. Festival of Lights Small Plates