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Hanging Decorations

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  1. Holographic Tassels
  2. Tinsel Fringe Garland
  3. Happy Birthday Banner
  4. Happy Birthday Mylar Balloon Garland
  5. Hollow Butterfly Wall Decoration
  6. Party Table Fringe
  7. Matte Metallic Christmas Garland
  8. Small Flocked Skeleton
  9. Mardi Gras Tinsel Garland
  10. Gold Metallic Fringe Backdrop Curtain
  11. Gold Tinsel Fringe Garland
  12. Champagne Piñata
  13. Bright Blossom Garland
  14. Graduation Cap Pinata
  15. Red & Pink Tinsel Fringe Garland
  16. 2.5" Disco Ball
  17. Rainbow Twisty Fringe Backdrop
  18. Flowers In Bloom Giant Garland
  19. Gold Glitter Letter Garland Kit
  20. Gold Glitter Bow Garland
  21. Pink Honeycomb Fan Garland
  22. Disco Ball Streamers
  23. Petitie Witch Hat Pinata
  24. Pearl White Holiball- 18 inch