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Recyclable Tie Dye Napkins

  • $8.75
About these 'Recyclable Tie Dye Napkins’:
With a quirky spiral pattern, these tie dye rainbow napkins are perfect for a 60s theme party, rainbow birthday party or a summer festival. Perfect for placing on top of plates for a pop of color or for handing out slices of birthday cake or barbeque food to your guests.

Instead of using plastic packaging we have include an extra napkin at the front of pack to keep the rest clean.

Napkin size: 13" x 13" when unfolded
Pack size: 20 Paper Napkins + 1 Extra

Why we love these 'Recyclable Tie Dye Napkins’:
With an explosion of rainbow colors, these paper napkins are sure to bring a smile to your guests faces. Perfect for any summer occasion, pair with other items from our tie dye and rainbow range including fabric bunting or complement with other colourful items from our boho collection.

How to dispose of these 'Recyclable Tie Dye Napkins’:
Skip the boring brown napkins, these recyclable napkins bring all the fun without harming the planet. After use, brush off the leftover crumbs and dance your way to a recycling trash can.

Product: Widely Recycled
Packaging: Widely Recycled