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Gulf-Themed Gift Wrap

  • $20.00

Introducing the stunning "Gulf-Themed Gift Wrap" by Dallas-based artist Taylor Paladino, a 30" x 10' roll of high-quality wrapping paper featuring a selection of Taylor's most popular Louisiana-inspired watercolor designs.

This gift wrap features a range of intricate and detailed watercolor designs, including alligators, riverboats, trumpets, gumbo, oysters, and crawfish boils. The attention to detail in each design is simply breathtaking, making this gift wrap a perfect choice for anyone looking to add some artistic flair to their gift-giving.

The high-quality construction of this wrapping paper ensures that your gifts are wrapped with care and durability. The large size of the roll (30" x 10') provides ample coverage for even the largest of gifts, while the thickness of the paper ensures that it will not tear or rip easily.

Each watercolor design is an artwork in itself, capturing the essence of Louisiana's unique culture and history. This gift wrap is not just a wrapping paper, it's a piece of art that will make your gift stand out and truly impress.

Whether for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion, the "Gulf-Themed Gift Wrap" by Taylor Paladino is sure to make your gift extra special. Order yours today and experience the beauty and quality of Taylor Paladino's artwork in every gift you give