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  1. Cotton Cocktail Napkins with Quarantine Quotes
  2. "Low Key Bougie" Witty Cocktail Napkins
  3. Glossy Pops- Glitter Collection
  4. Grad Cap Straws
  5. Other People Napkins
  6. Let's Get Basted Styrofoam Cups
  7. Gold Cocktail Forks
  8. Lip Stuck on You Cocktail Napkins
  9. Graduation Cap Confetti
  10. Gold Beaded Wayfarer Sunglasses
  11. Crown Headband With Feathers
  12. Mortarboard Graduation Sunglasses
  13. Wooden Cutlery
  14. Bride Straw
  15. Wine Bottle Glitter Straws
  16. Let's Get Basted Frost Flex Cup
  17. Anxiety Napkins
  18. Die-Cut Coloring Turkey Placemat
  19. Butterfly Guest Towel
  20. Christmas Colouring Placemats
  21. 12" Flocked Reindeer
  22. Peter Rabbit™ Napkins
  23. Leftovers are for Quitters Cocktail Napkins
  24. Let's Party Bitches Banner