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  1. Patriotic Confetti Cocktail Napkin
  2. American Flag PVC Straw
  3. Patriotic Confetti Guest Napkin
  4. Patriotic Confetti Dinner Plate
  5. Red, White, & Blue Table Fringe
  6. Patriotic Glasses
  7. Wavy Patriotic Confetti Salad Plate
  8. Wavy Patriotic Confetti Bowl
  9. Patriotic Headband
  10. Firecrackers Napkins
  11. Rocket Pop Table Accent
  12. Party Like It's 1776 Headband
  13. Star Spangled Placemats
  14. Patriotic Melamine Small Plate
  15. USA Hat Party Sipper
  16. Patriotic Pinwheel
  17. Patriotic Bird Earring RED